GDPR at BigCommerce

On May 25th 2018, the most comprehensive change to privacy legislation ever undertaken —the EU General Data Protection Regulation— takes effect. The new regulation will affect all EU-based merchants, as well as global merchants that market and sell to individuals, aka “data subjects,” who are located in the EU.

As such, we wanted to share our point of view on GDPR as well as provide transparency concerning changes BigCommerce is making to help both our merchants and partners adequately prepare for the forthcoming regulation.

To learn more about our commitment to helping merchants comply with the GDPR, please read this blog post.

Ultimately, GDPR compliance is the responsibility of every business that sells in the EU — regardless of where it is based. BigCommerce has been preparing for GDPR for the last year; however, we suggest that every BigCommerce customer consult legal experts and any third-party vendors (including apps in the BC app marketplace) that may touch customer data to ensure they have sufficient privacy controls in place in advance of the May 25, 2018 deadline.

Christopher Beckett,
Director of Information Security